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Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Life Coaching

Heart of the Canyon, NLP Coaching & Healing offers life coaching for the following (but not limited to):

-SPECIALIZING IN painful breakups and relief from Grief

-Phobias, including fear of public speaking, spiders etc.

-Neuro Natural Health Coach, Allergy relief

-Removing limiting beliefs and negative feelings

-Changing unwanted behaviors

-Conflict Resolution and Goal Setting

-Manifesting your dreams… the Dream Sculpting Process

-Goal Setting

-Deeper self awareness

-Finding inner peace

-Anger Management

Hands on Healing using The Athro Technique

This modality blends Aboriginal traditions with Quantum mechanics and the science of Cranial Osteopathy to experience a more abundant and fulfilling life.  It can be effective for pain relief for humans and animals

1 NLP Session


3 NLP Sessions


Hands on Healing
- Athro Technique 

3 Sessions



Reiki Healing

-Pain Relief

-Find inner peace

-Higher self Integration


-Everything in Life Coaching

-Time line therapy and manifestation

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