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My clients come to me for a one to one session, either here in Sedona or via Skype.

As a result of receiving a series of NLP sessions from Paula Phipps, I have experienced a shift from high levels of stress and anxiety to a greater sense peace of mind and well being.
 Paula is a beautiful soul and is brilliantly capable
in facilitating all of the different aspects of the NLP process. Prior to beginning my sessions with Paula, I was experiencing intense grief and depression over a break up of my relationship. I rarely slept through the night .
She has helped me reframe how I think about my life and the intense grief has been replaced with a feeling of inner calm and peace. What a relief!
I have much gratitude for Paula and the NLP process. I highly recommend Paula if you are struggling in your life in seeking greater clarity and peace.

Executive Assistant
Sedona/ New York
I want to let you know that I am officially not allergic to chocolate!!! I had it for the first time in 20+ years. Thank you for hypnotizing me to be free of chocolate allergies :) you rock! Infinite blessing.
Edward F.
Sacred Life Photography 
Sedona AZ



Paula, gently and without judgement, guided me to change how I perceived troublesome aspects of my life, to the point where they are no longer a problem. She offered practical advice and strategies to direct me to what I needed.  

Julia H. UK



I'm delighted at how quick and effective this treatment worked for me. Paula's ability to get to the root of the problem and eliminate all negative thoughts and feelings is truly remarkable. It has been life changing and I feel like a new person with a very positive future ahead of me.    

Claire B. UK



Paula is awesome to work with!  We met while taking classes together and I had the opportunity to practice techniques with her.  She helped me permanently get rid of a pain in my knee caused by a fall many years ago by using a trauma release technique.  It has been a year and the pain has not returned!  She also helped me to remove a particular food from my diet that I know contributed to weight gain and other health issues.  Again a year later and I have not made or eaten this particular food and it had been a part of my life for over 30 years.  I have also lost weight!  I highly recommend Paula as an NLP Life Coach!    

Carleen J. Sedona

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